We will mobilize the community to take action on health priorities so that policy, environment, and practice influences a culture shift toward health and wellness for everyone in Shawnee County.

Guiding Principles

We will…

  •  Define our criteria and determine activities that meet the intent of HHN.
  •  Convene with partners on health issues.
  •  Lead, facilitate and advocate change and conversation.
  •  Educate organizational, government and community decision makers.
  •  Educate the community.
  •  Use the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).
  •  Establish community health priorities, goals, strategies and actions.

For and with whom…

  •  Underserved and at-risk communities.
  •  Stakeholders with interest in the community.
  •  Organizations, businesses, government agencies, and individuals.
  •  Agencies and policy makers.
  •  All who have interest for health and wellness.

So that…

  •  Support is created for community partners with improvement activities.
  •  Plans are implemented.
  •  Policy is developed to support sustainable change and strategic focus.
  •  Health and well‐being in community is improved.



Reviewed and amended 2/16/2017 by the Leadership Team.