• The 2015 Community Health Improvement Plan for Shawnee County was released April 2, 2015 at the Shawnee County Board of Health meeting.
  • The Community Health Assessment for Shawnee County, Kansas was completed in 2012 with the final report published in March 2013. The current Heartland Healthy Neighborhoods workgroups were developed from the needs identified in this report.
  •  The Adoption of Rules & Regulations in Kansas (2015) – Every resident of Kansas is affected directly or indirectly by state “laws,” many of which are actually rules and regulations adopted by a state agency and not the state legislature. If you eat or work in a restaurant, you are affected by food service regulations issued by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. If you are enrolled in a public university in Kansas, state regulations determined whether you qualify for in-state tuition. If you have a child in child care, regulations issued by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment govern all aspects of the way the child care facility is operated. This document discusses the rulemaking process in Kansas.
  • April 21, 2014 – Heartland Healthy Neighborhoods Presentation to Shawnee County Board of Health
    Watch the video of the April 21, 2014 presentation which focused on the county health rankings and the Community Health Improvement Plan goals and objectives
    Scroll down to April 21st and you will find the Board of Health meeting.
  • April 23, 2014 – Allison Alejos, Director – Local Health Department, Shawnee County Health Agency, was interviewed by the National Association of Counties regarding on the work going on in Shawnee County related to the County Health Rankings and the community health improvement planning process.  Shawnee County was highlighted as an example of how communities utilize the 2014 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps to improve health. Listen here.
  • The Kansas Health Matters website is intended to help hospitals, health departments, community members and policy makers learn about the health of the community and ways to help improve it. It provides local health data, resources, promising best practices, news articles and information about community events related to important health issues.
  • Community Health Improvement Plan Summary
  • Policy Options for Local Governments in Kansas: Increasing Access to Healthy Food (2015)
  • Policy Options for Local Governments in Kansas: Increasing Walking and Bicycling
  • The Public Health Law Center provides a range of legal technical assistance for the Foundation, its grantees and health partners to support progress toward healthy behaviors goals, including increasing physical activity, improving nutrition and reducing tobacco use.
  • In partnership with Safe Routes to School practitioners in rural communities around the country, three new factsheets were released to help overcome obstacles and get rural dwellers the health benefits of walking and bicycling. The first provides an introduction to Safe Routes to School, highlighting why Safe Routes to School is so good for rural communities (Rural Communities: Making Safe Routes Work).  The second delves into the challenges of Safe Routes to School in rural areas, and highlights successful rural programs and the innovative approaches they’ve used to overcome hurdles (Rural Communities: Best Practices and Promising Approaches for Safe Routes).  The third takes on rural active transportation generally, setting out an approach for how rural communities can support walking and bicycling more broadly (Rural Communities: A Two Pronged Approach for Improving Walking and Bicycling).